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The Rural Rothbard

In the latest podcast episode, Jimmy Song joins us to discuss the moral case for Bitcoin – and the immoral implications of the fiat dollar system. Specifically, conservatives and Christians should be concerned about the downstream effects of a highly leveraged society.

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Episode 23 | Trump is a Bad Conservative

We spent most of Trump’s term defending him from illogical, disingenuous leftist attacks. However, he’s far from a conservative role model. In this episode we seek to understand why otherwise-consistent conservative leaders choose to associate themselves with a culturally and politically unconservative man. Malice’s law, or how the Republicans are Democrats ten years behind Trump’s …

Episode 22 | Print, Shoot, Repeat: CTRL+Pew Interview

Iowancap and RuralRothbard interview fellow Iowan CTRL+Pew on his work in the gun printing community.Check out – How firearm legislation simply can’t keep up with 3D printed tech – @RuralRothbard’s crazy predictions for paradigm shifts in ammo and gun tech – What is the Glock curb stomp challenge? – How to 3D print metal …

Episode 21 | Mises Caucus Mania

In this episode, Iowancap convinces skeptical libertarians that a Mises Caucus is in their best interests. Hear about new episodes right away! Sign up for the email list. Check out our other episodes: AnchorYouTubeAppleGoogleSpotify


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